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Hughson Nut, Inc. offers a complete line of natural and blanched whole and manufactured almonds. If you donít find what you need in our product line, we can create a product to meet your needs. Please contact us for more specific product information. 

Almond Varieties
Whole Almond Sizes
U.S.D.A. Grade Chart



Natural Almonds:  Whole natural shelled almonds are offered by variety, size and grade. Natural almonds are also sliced, diced and ground into flour.

Blanched Almonds: Blanched almonds are offered in whole and whole & broken grades. Blanched almonds are also split, slivered, sliced, diced and ground into flour. 

Inshell Almonds:  Many hard shell, and some soft shell varieties are sold inshell. Mission and Peerless are the most common varieties. Requests for inshell should be made prior to harvest in September.

Roasted Almonds:  Dry roasted almonds are offered whole and diced. 

Manufactured Sizes: Contact us for additional product specifications.