Almonds are available both sized and unsized. The screening process separates almonds into sizes by their diameter. They are ultimately categorized by weight, or kernels per ounce. When shape consistency is required, we can provide additional length sizing.

We continually invest in the finest electronic sorting equipment and technologies such as Elbiscan Laser Sorter. Electronic color sorters remove defects, adhering skins and foreign material. Visual inspection by experienced and skilled hand sorting graders provides the final assurance of consistent quality.

Blanching is a process that removed the dark colored skin. Blanching enhances the kernels look and texture and provides a milder flavor. OUR high-capacity slicing and dicing lines can produce an unlimited variety of particle size options. Sliced almonds pass over screens to remove small pieces which are called almond flakes. Diced, slivered and split almonds are also screened. Undersized pieces are often ground to produce almond flour.

Dry Roasting enhances the natural flavor of almonds. Almonds are roasted whole, and can be diced and/or seasoned. Dry-roasted almonds are not cooked in oil, so they are slightly lower in calories and fat that oil-roasted nuts.