Please contact us if you require PPO Treatment for any of your nut product line.

PPO has been used for food sterilization since 1958 and is the only FDA/EPA authorized procedure allowed for reducing the bacteria, mold, and yeast in nutmeats. It is not an ozone depleter and it is environmentally benign.

Our PPO chambers are designed to hold up to 24 standard wooden bins, fiber bins, or palletized cartons. The treatment cycle is based on the PPO dosage.

Hughson Nut, Inc. qualified staff provides high-tech security, and complete documentation for all work performed. We are licensed by the State of California and follow only the strictest of guidelines in operating our facility.

Rates are based on a per load fee. A load can consist of from one to a maximum of 24 spaces. A load can be any combination of wooden bins, fiber bins, and palletized cartons. Your partial loads will be combined with other orders whenever possible to allow cost-sharing. Contact Hughson Nut, Inc. for a Schedule of Charges and Contract Rates.

Hughson Nut, Inc. PPO Facilities
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