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Sizing & Sorting
Blanching, Slicing & Dicing
Dry Roasting
Storage & Packaging 
Propylene Oxide Sterilization Treatment


We specialize in producing almonds for use as an ingredient in the confectionary, bakery, cereal, health, and snack food industries.

Natural shelled almonds delivered to our facilities are cleaned, sized, and sorted. Metal detection, laser and electronic sorting equipment is used to remove foreign material and damaged kernels. Hand sorting provides visual assurance that the product is clean and ready for packaging. We can achieve the low levels for foreign material required to meet the strict specifications of confectionery grade products.

Our 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility houses blanching, dry roasting, and cutting lines for producing sliced, slivered, diced and milled almonds.

Maximizing efficiency allows us to provide competitive pricing for our customers. Our investment in new technologies ensures that every order is efficiently filled to the customer's specifications, even during peak periods of demand.