A processor focused on efficiency can bring greater returns to almond farmers.

At Hughson Nut, Inc. we are eager to talk with any grower, large or small, who wishes to find out more about our grower program and services.

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When the founders of Hughson Nut, Inc. set out to provide better returns to almond growers their success was even greater than anticipated. Hughson Nut, Inc. proceeded to grow into one of the leading independent almond processing companies in the industry.

Today we remain true to our growers and to our convictions. We process and market our own almonds as well as the crops of carefully selected quality growers throughout California. We offer growers the opportunity to partner with us, pooling our resources for greater benefits and market strength. Growers also have the option to sell to us at market price any time they choose. At Hughson Nut, Inc., growers are offered a flexible payment program to meet their needs.

We support our growers in the implementation of Good Farming Practices (GMP's). We offer services to control quality through all stages of processing. Hughson Nut, Inc. can provide hulling, shelling, trucking and drying services.

Our manufacturing and marketing capabilities add to profits and market stability for our growers. Value added processing such as blanching, roasting, slicing and dicing increases the value of our inventory and positions us as a full service supplier to industrial buyers worldwide. We can pay higher premiums for quality deliveries because our buyers depend on us to provide quality products 365 days a year.