Today's owners bring tradition and vision to our company.

Martin Pohl is one of the original founders of our company.  With a keen mechanical aptitude and creative nature, Martin engineered the construction of the original Hughson Nut, Inc. state-of-the-art facility in his own back yard. Today Martin continues to oversee the processing operations at all Hughson Nut, Inc. facilities, turning innovative concepts for efficiency and quality into reality.

Barry and Byron Baker of Baker Family Farms are solidly committed to incorporating innovative technologies at all levels of operation. Developing hybrid rootstocks, efficient irrigation systems, and cultural practices to minimize the negative impact on the environment are only a few examples of their contributions to our company and the industry.

Ty Angle's expertise comes through a lifetime of hands on experience as a grower, handler and processor. He is able to link current crop patterns to specific customer needs. His strengths enable us to provide the best possible return to growers and the marketing consistencies our buyers have come to depend on.